Testing and Certification of Floorball Equipment

The game of floorball is increasing dramatically in several parts of the world, leading to increasing development of equipment used in the sport. Products can be certified for IFF-mark by SP, as an appointed certification body by IFF. This certification means that the product fulfils technical requirements and that there is a subsequent surveillance.


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One of the responsibilities of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) is to influence and guide the development of floorball equipment. For this reason, the IFF has decided to uphold criteria specified in the Material Regulations, mainly with reference to safety and the course of the game.

Testing criteria

The criteria of IFF refers to sticks, balls, goals, rinks and face mask for goal keepers. The stipulations come into force on 1st of May 1999 and apply to all national and international league games arranged by a member federation of IFF.

Certification criteria

The main parts of the certification criteria is first an initial testing of equipment in order to verify compliance with the criteria of the IFF, and secondly an unannounced sampling and testing of equipment on the open market within 3 years from initial testing. If the results of such tests are according to requirements, the equipment may be marked by the IFF approval mark.

Certification operate and manage

IFF has assigned SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) to operate and manage the certification system, according to given instructions. Testing for approval of floorball equipment shall be performed by SP or other institute fulfilling the criteria of the IFF.

Shaft/blade combinations Shaft/blade combinations between different brands are not legal. An exception to the rule is when a company is manufacturing more than one brand, but in such a case the combinations shall be tested and also certified. All legal combinations of shafts/blades can be found in the database for certified equipment (at present no legal combinations are to be found).


News and New Certified Equipment

[20/10/2020] (90)
One new stick from Salming
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[20/09/2020] (89)
One new goal from Freez
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[31/08/2020] (88)
One new blade and five new sticks from Decathlon Oroks
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[11/07/2020] (87)
Three new helmets from Exel
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[03/07/2020] (86)
Two new blades and four new sticks from Jolly
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[30/06/2020] (85)
The new Material Regulations, edition 2020
A new version of Material Regulations SPCR 011, edition 2020 is now available for downloading. The regulation will be effective from July 1st 2020. Check it out under ”Certification”.

[23/06/2020] (84)
One new blade from Exel
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[16/06/2020] (83)
Seven new sticks from Unihoc
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[16/06/2020] (82)
Nine new sticks from Zone
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[07/05/2020] (81)
One new blade and two new sticks from Accufli
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[15/04/2020] (80)
Thirteen new sticks from Fatpipe
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[15/04/2020] (79)
Two new stick from Zone
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[09/04/2020] (78)
Fifteen new sticks from Exel
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[09/04/2020] (77)
One new stick from Unihoc
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[05/02/2020] (76)
One new stick from Salming
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[21/01/2020] (75)
One new blade from Unihoc
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[30/10/2019] (74)
Six new sticks from Freez
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[22/10/2019] (73)
Three new sticks from Floorbee
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[18/10/2019] (72)
Two new sticks from Unihoc
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[06/08/2019] (71) 
Twenty new sticks from Exel
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[05/07/2019] (70) 
One new stick from Accufli
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[03/07/2019] (69)
Four new sticks from Fatpipe
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[02/07/2019] (68)
Ten new sticks from Salming
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[02/07/2019] (67)
One new ball from Accufli
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