CE-marking of Protective Eyewear used in the game of Floorball

The purpose of this CE-marking (directive 89/686/EEG) is to state valid criteria and corresponding testing methods to be used in connection with certification of Protective Eyewear user in the game of Floorball.

Test Method

This test method SPM-4060, has been compiled by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in collaboration with the Swedish Floorball Federation mainly in consideration of safety requirements.
Responsibility for the method has been taken over by IFF International Floorball Federation with effect from 1st January 2007.

The test method SPM-4060 is based on test methods according to already accepted harmonized eye protection standards, including tests of Materials, Construction/design, Field of vision, Robustness, Impact, Optical requirement class, Filter requirement category, Abrasion, Fogging and Ageing.


Where clubs, teams or individual players choose to use protective goggles, IFF recommends those that are approved for use in floorball, shown by CE-marking and the text ’Recommended by IFF’ (and possibly also with the IFF logotype).

The IFF International Floorball Federation does not specify that the use of goggles is mandatory.  The use of goggles is a personal matter, in the same way as is use of equipment such as leg shields, support protectors etc.

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