Floorball accessories

Floorball accessories can, on voluntary basis, be accepted for legal use together with certified Floorball equipment, under special circumstances.
The special circumstances and technical requirement will be published on IFF Floorball Equipment web site in each specific case. The acceptance fulfils IFF’s requirements for using IFF’s logotype together with following text “Recommended by IFF” on the specified Floorball accessories, package and promotion material. All up coming and accepted Floorball accessories will be listed on IFF’s Floorball Equipment web site. The list will show type of accessories and the limitation of use and/or a recommendation when to use it.
Goal – Optional bar

An optional bar to be used for reducing the goal size on IFF certified goals; when playing kid- and/or junior-league matches.
The optional bar is to be a plate of wooden-or plastic- based material and designed with dimensions according to the drawing “Floorball goal accessories-01”. The plate can be divided up in two pieces. Mounting straps is to have no sharp outstanding parts. There is no restriction regarding bar colours (for technical requirement see right column).