Material Regulations – Certification Rules for IFF-marking of Floorball Equipment


Test Method and Certification Rules
Material Regulations, Edition 2020 (PDF)


RISE, as an appointed certification body by IFF, can certify products for IFF mark. This certification means that the product fulfils technical requirements and that there is a subsequent surveillance. This is a short version. A full version is available for downloading in the left column.

Certification Rules

The certification rules herein specify the conditions for certification, technical requirements for floorball equipment.
The technical requirements are verified by testing in accordance with SP-method 1506.
The subsequent surveillance consists of testing of samples purchased on the open market or factory samples.


Certification means confirmation from an independent third party that a product meets the standard requirements, or the requirements of another form of specification. Certification at SP is handled by a separate department for testing and inspection   SP Certification. The department is subordinate to the certification board with representatives from concerned parties. Certification of products at SP is run in accordance with SS EN 45011.

The scope of the certification rules is solely intended for floorball equipment used for league play in accordance with IFF’s rulebook. It contains technical requirements and procedures for subsequent surveillance.

If products, e.g. facemasks, are covered by other regulations, such as EU Directives, this will not be checked through this certification procedure.

Certification rules are based on applicable standards, but may be subject to review hence¬forth e.g. for adjustment to European or international standards. A review can also be legitimate if new regulations are introduced or as a result of new information gained from applying certification rules.

Certification rules and reviews of the rule will always be subject to approval of IFF.

This version replaces the previous version dated June 2018.
Borås, May 2020
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden