Photos from testing and testing devices

Diameter templates for testing the ball diameter and measuring device for checking the holes diameter.

Radius templates and measuring devices for checking the penetration depth as well as the concavity depth.

Pendulum apparatus for measuring blade discoloration onto playing Surface.

A close-up of the playing surface after the test, this blade will not be approved.

Rigidity test of floorball stick. The shaft should deflect by at least 23 mm under a load of 300 N measured as mean value of three deflections in each direction (horizontal and vertical). No individual value may be less than 20 mm for the most rigid direction of the shaft. The shaft should and tolerate a deflection of at least 60 mm without cracking or fracturing. The shaft’s resulting deformation following deflection should not exceed 6 mm.

Impact strength device with a drop height of 1000 ± 5 mm, from where the hammer is able to fall freely.